About Us


Our History

Just Learning was formed in August 2009 by a group of people from a variety of professions and personal backgrounds who came together with a shared passion for the well-being of Australia’s young people and a real concern for those young people who are experiencing exclusion from the social fabric due to disadvantaged circumstances. The group became a Victorian incorporated association in 2012 and now has not-for-profit status.


Vision of Just Learning

We believe that every young person in Australia has the right to an education which will open up opportunities for a fulfilling and healthy life as a valued contributor within his or her community and the wider Australian society.


What does Just Learning stand for?

Education and caring adult role models can help nurture a child and open possibilities for a brighter future. Young people from disadvantaged circumstances often become disengaged from school and need people (or mentors) who can help them turn it all around and make sense of the world, experience success at school and build some happy memories of their time at school. All of these are stepping stones to a better future.


Creating a Shared Learning Community

Just Learning has been identifying and commencing dialogue with people and groups, both in Australia and overseas, who provide support for disengaged or marginalised youth. Just Learning seeks to engage in collaboration with such groups in order to better support, bolster and engage disadvantaged young people.


Just Learning's Official Statement of Purpose

Our Purpose

Just Learning’s primary purpose is to reach out to the most disadvantaged young people in our community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.


Our Philosophy

Just Learning believes that every young person in Australia has the right to an education which will open up opportunities for a fulfilling and healthy life as a valued contributor within his or her community, and the wider Australian society.


Just Learning recognises that disengaged young people often leave school early thereby becoming socially and economically disadvantaged – excluded from the opportunities to contribute to their community and to live a life that is optimally fulfilling.


Just Learning recognises that student participation and engagement in learning is the major pathway to genuine social inclusion.


Just Learning will provide pathways out of disadvantage by working with:


  • National and international experts to research educational models that centre on a commitment to identify the skills development and learning needs of students, so that those needs can be met.


  • relevant others to identify ways to keep young people at school through the use of positive welfare and educational processes that are supportive and engaging.


  • groups and individuals who have created educational models that put the student at the heart or centre of their programs. We believe that only through genuinely student-centred education can we strengthen and extend students’ opportunities for relevant and successful learning.


  • groups and individuals who focus on community-based and community-centred strategies when working with the diverse range of young Australians at risk of leaving school early.


Just Learning will provide professional support and work in collaboration with relevant organisations and groups in urban and regional areas.


Our People

Patron                                                               Vernon Knight AM


President                                                          Amanda Marshall

Treasurer                                                          Brett Pack

Secretary (Minutes & Correspondence)      Sarah Chan

Secretary (Public Officer)                               Ruben Ayers


 Committee Members                                    Emmy Elbaum

                                                                           Ilona Oppenheimer

                                                                           Elisheva Picker

                                                                           Tim Chan

                                                                           Eloise Arthur



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